Family apiary "Dutkowiak" counts about 1800 beehives and it is the biggest professional apiary in Western Poland. For sure it is also one of the biggest beefarms in Poland at all. The beginning of the apiary is 1982 when Iwona and Remigiusz Dutkowiak started their honey producer's history with 6 beehives. One year later next 30  beehives have been grounded. In the early 90's there were 200 beehives until the apiary has reached it's current scale. 

From the very beginning we've focused our forces on winning honey. Due to friendly natural conditions of the region of Poland where Sulęcin is placed we're doing this successfully for over past 30 years. This previously almost only agricultural area, surrounded by nature parks like The Warta Mouth National Park is a popular touristic region, famous for it's natural culinary heritage. Plenty of woods and fresh and healthy air makes this region so called "Green lungs of Poland". Here we keep our bees and get perfect natural polish honey as well as other bee products like: flower pollen, sour flower pollen, propolis and royal jelly. 

We are family apiary business grounded by Iwona and Remigiusz Dutkowiak. Our beekeeping traditions are continued by our son Michał with his wife Karolina.  

Beside honey production we are putting  our efforts on breeding of bee queens, their insemination as well as on developement of the apiary tradition in Poland while beeing an active member of the Polish Association of Proffesional Beekeepers.

Distribution of our products in web-sales channel is done by our daugther Aleksandra. You can find our shop  here: 


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