Bee bread

Frequently asked questions to beekeepers - what is bee bread? Once known only to pharmacy students from apitherapy classes and beekeepers and now discovered in Poland as a natural remedy to strengthen immunity. But what is a feather? Pierzga is simply pollen that bees bring to the hive. Then they put it in the cells of the patch, add a little honey and their enzymes and wait for the pollen to ferment. Bee bread is food for young bees, gives them vitamins and amino acids necessary for the development and strengthening of immunity. It is not a coincidence that it is also called bee bread - from English bee bread, and from German Bienenbrot. It has a slightly sour taste, but also a bit sweet, because during the collection and whipping of pollen in the cells some honey gets into it. Bee bread contains micro- and macroelements, a lot of iron, vitamins. It has an immunizing effect, but also has a beneficial effect on reducing blood sugar and cholesterol.

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