Meadow honey from the Warta river mouth


Meadow honey contains a lot of essential oils from herbaceous plants that bloom in large numbers in the Warta Mouth National Park. This honey is recommended for colds and strengthening in the period of weakened immunity. It has an interesting, intense taste and light amber color. Meadow honey is widely used in the kitchen - as an addition to sauces, meats, porridge or tea.



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Meadow honey  comes from the nectar of plants growing on wild meadows of the Warta Mouth National Park in the Lubuskie Province. The most abundant plants here are thistle, burdock, thistle, purple loosestrife, carrot, hemp root. In spring, dandelion and willow bloom here massively. Such rich crops are a source of nectar and honeydew for bees throughout virtually the entire season. Hence, the composition of meadow honey is very diverse, because it is harvested from May to August. Meadow honey, like other multiflora honeys, has a bactericidal effect that strengthens the cardiovascular system and overall body resistance. This honey, like acacia honey, stays liquid for a long time, has an aromatic taste and light amber color. Meadow honey from the Warta Mouth is a regional product awarded in the Pearl of the Lubuska competition.

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