Forest honeydew honey from the Warta river mouth


Honeydew and nectar honey are collected from deciduous honeydew and plant nectar that bloom during the honeydew period. The main properties of this honey are high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. It is recommended for the treatment of respiratory infections as well as a cardiovascular tonic. Honey from the Warta Mouth has a beautiful amber color and a unique taste.



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Honeydew and nectar honey comes from honeydew deciduous trees such as poplar, birch, maple and nectar of honey plants blooming simultaneously. Leaf deciduous is a sticky liquid substance produced by aphids and juveniles that feed on tree leaves, mainly consisting of simple sugars. Due to the presence of honeydew, this honey has a higher content of essential oils than pure nectar honey as well as a darker color and a more intense flavor. Nectar and honeydew honey from the Ujście Warty National Park is dark amber, comes from nectars of wild herbaceous plants and deciduous honeydew - mainly from willow and beech. Nectar and honeydew honey is recommended for the treatment of infections, respiratory diseases and also for strengthening immunity, because it is a universal honey. Its taste and aroma may vary between batches, because depending on the harvesting period it contains once that different proportions of nectar and honeydew, and two comes from different plants.

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